8 Countries with the Most Stylish People in the World

Traveling to another country, you will meet the locals with a variety of backgrounds. 8 when visiting this country for example, you will meet people who supposedly most stylish world.

Reporting from CNN Travel, the following countdown 8 countries with the most stylish people worldwide :

8 . U.S.

United States (U.S.) has a casual style that perhaps the most widely imitated in the world : jeans and T-shirts. Cowboy hat became a typical U.S. style inspired many designers the world. Do not stop there, the style of street children that hip-hop was a trend in many countries.

Just look at some well-known U.S. brands ranging from Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfinger, and Calvin Klein. Some cities are full of people dressed in stylish New York and Washington DC. Agenda famous annual fashion, New York Fashion Week, was also held in the city of Big Apple.

7 . Brazil

Famous Brazilian population has a nice body. Perhaps this is one reason , the population of Brazil looked stylish wearing any clothes. Including , the woman in a bikini on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

In addition, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo City also hosts the Sao Paolo Fashion Week famous. Want stylish as they are ? Travelers can shop at some posh boutiques such as Pedro Lourenco, Alexandre Herchcovitch and Osklen.

6 . Australia

Visit to the land of kangaroos, Australia, you will find the people love outdoor activities. Not surprisingly, Australians tend to dress style casual and comfortable to use.

Some famous brands are Minkpink and Camilla and Marc. The two brands could represent the Australian style of dress.

5 . Great Britain

Great Britain is one of the world’s fashion mecca. Starting from the Edwardian-style clothing worn Teddy Boys in the 1950s, until the smart-casual style of the band Arctic Monkey.

The origin of the brand – brand Britain’s definitely out of your head : Burberry, Mulberry, and Fred Perry. In London, the traveler can find the famous fashion school Central Saint Martins.

4 . Japan

Speaking of fashion, certainly synonymous with Japanese kimono or yukata. Make no mistake, in the big cities, especially Tokyo, many Japanese who dressed eccentric. To see it directly, just come to Harajuku district.

‘Lolita’ is one of the most famous styles of Harajuku. There is also a ‘oshare kei’, punk style with bright colors and different patterns. Stylish proof that they exist in the following brands : Bathing Ape, Commes des Garcons, and Uniqlo. Brands that last one even exists in Indonesia.

3 . French

Clothing and styles worn by the French court officials to be the center of fashion throughout Europe in the 17th century. Triumph was apparently still awake until now, with several world renowned brands.

Call it Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Givenchy. The Frenchman had a style of dress which is classy and looks expensive.

2 . Sweden

Sweden is famous most stylish country in the Scandinavian region. Minimalist style inherent in the Swedish clothing. One of them is affected by the appearance of the band ABBA.

The minimalist style of clothing as loved by people from all over the world. The proof, brand Hennes & Mauritz (H & M) now has more than 2,300 stores in 41 countries. H & M will even have outlets in Jakarta.

1 . Italy

This is a country that is known as a mecca for the fashion world. The world of fashion in Italy began in the 1950s. At that time, several well-known celebrities such as Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy Onassis wore clothes and handbag brand Gucci.

Two fashion mecca city in Italy is Milan and Rome. Visiting here, a traveler would look boutique brands like Prada, Miu Miu, and Armani. Not surprisingly, the Italians also tend to be stylish !

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